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What To Expect Every Week

Workout For Body & Soul

3 workouts of 45 minutes + 15 minutes meditation/stretch, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A.

3 Sessions A Week

Monday, Wednesday and Friday LIVE sessions @Noon with bonus Q&A + Stretch on Sundays @8PM (EST)

Variety of Exercises

From fitness exercises, to meditation, to meal-prep ideas... You get access to so much holistic healthy goodness!

This Includes:

Movement & Coaching

You'll burn calories and improve not only your mobility, but whole body health. With regular meditation your mindset will get an upgrade too!

Variety & Accountability

We’ll mix it up: different techniques, different moves! We'll work towards your goals together.

Questions & Answers

You'll have access to the ELB community forum where you can ask all your questions 24/7.

Get ready to feel AMAZING!


  • 12 Online, Live & Functional Workouts with Michelle
  • Coaching from the comfort of your own home!
  • The 3 weekly workouts last 45 minutes each, and will be followed by 15 minutes of mindful meditation.
  • Each session is buffered by a  20-minute Q&A at the end -- to help you achieve your goals faster.
  • A full 1-hour Q&A is hosted by Michelle on weekends to answer any other questions you have. The purpose of this is to hold you accountable to your transformation ...and new awesome lifestyle! 
  • Important conversations around lifestyle habits, mindset and nutrition to set you up for success.
  • Belong to an amazing community of like-minded individuals!
  • Build new, strong routines.
  • Learn how to manage and reduce your stress.


PLUS Bonus 15-minute complimentary coaching call upon membership sign-up to learn more about your goals, and so I can cater to your specific needs!



Awesome Recipes

Private ELB Community Group Access (through membership only)

Opportunity to Network & Communicate with Like-Minded Individuals

+ DM me anytime to ask questions! 


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"Seeing results in my weight loss, flexibility and energy levels. Michelle offers a very disciplined, positive approach to fitness and keeps the routines interesting."


"Michelle has a very holistic approach to health and fitness. I have seen results. She listens... I am over 50 and my ass is now lifted higher than in my 20’s!"


"Michelle knows her stuff. She’s the whole package. Her knowledge is vast and includes both the physical body as well as nutrition, and mind."

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