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>>>The reason you've decided to join our AWESOME community...

  • 🚀 Guidance towards your GOALS to keep you on track

  • 🌟 Full-on SUPPORT living a holistic & whole-food plant-based lifestyle 

  • 💡 MOVEMENTS that shape you into the body you want

  • 💪 Safe space that addresses FITNESS, SELF-CONNECTION, and COMMUNITY NEEDS all in one place

  • 🎯 Access to the recordings in your library if you miss a LIVE

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What To Expect Every Week for a VIBRANT WEEK

Elevate Your Body and Soul

✨ Three invigorating 40-45 minute workouts WEEKLY to strengthen your body and energize your mind.

🧘‍♀️ A 5-10 minute stretch at the end of the hour session to imporve mobilty and flexibilty, followed by a 28-minute meditation after each session to center your soul. 

🤓 A Q&A session whenever needed at the end of a session to address any question and/or insights. 

📆 Sunday evening BONUS Yoga/Stretch + Meditation 

REDUCE YOUR STRESS, develop your patience, share with the community and unlock a harmonious balance of physical and spiritual well-being!

Your Wellness Routine 

📆 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Join our LIVE sessions at NOON. (12PM/EST) 

🧘‍♀️ On Sunday at 8PM. (EST), indulge in a FULL BODY GROUNDED & relaxing stretch session for 40 minutes , and just like the weekly sessions, we finish with 28 minutes of meditation, sometimes even 1 full hour.

Commit to the weekly sessions with us- FOUR times a week and/or WHEN and AS MUCH AS YOU CAN- and you'll watch your personal relationships and overall mental health improve. 


What else can we mention?

💪 Our functional exercises through phases are designed to help you strengthen your body, build muscle while losing fat, and release some endorphins to make you FEEL BETTER

🧘‍♀️ Vipassana Meditation to nurture our soul (Following the principles of impermanence; using equanimity, presence and stillness above all, to help attain mastery of our mind) 

🍏 Sharing suggestions and ideas to help fuel our whole-food plant-based journey.

Join the ELB community plateform to share with other like-minds who can help EMPOWER yourself through this holistic fitness journey!


Your Membership Encompasses:

Movement & Coaching

You'll burn calories, build muscle, and improve not only your mobility, but whole-body health. With regular meditation your mindset will get an upgrade too!

Variety & Accountability

The idea is to mix it up. Keep you on your toes; different techniques, different moves! We will also work on gaining more CLARITY and achieving your GOALS together.

Questions & Answers

You have access to the ELB community forum where you can ask all your questions 24/7 and always have the option to also ENGAGE at the end of each weekly session.

Get ready to Unleash Your AMAZING Self!

IF we haven't answered ALL of your questions yet; let's do it now!

This monthly membership is your ticket to TRANSFORMATION and it includes:


  • 🏋️‍♀️ 16 Online and Live Sessions with Michelle monthly. (3X/week Functional Sessions (M/W/F) + 1X/Sunday Yoga & Meditation)

  • 🌆 Coaching that fits seamlessly into your daily life- all from the comfort of your own home.

  • 🤓 Engaging Q&A sessions after each workout to fast-track your goals.

  • 🗣️ Essential discussions on lifestyle habits, mindset, and nutrition, setting the stage for your success.

  • 🤝 Belong to an incredible community of like-minded individuals.

  • 🌄 Establish powerful new routines with support & accountability.

  • 🧘‍♀️ Learn effective stress management techniques to ease your mind and develop more patience to imrpove those relationships

"Be Kind. Be Strong. Be True." - are Michelle's words at the end of each session. "Empower yourself to become the best version of YOU... AND- let us help you along the way."


EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Personalized Coaching Kickstart! 

*** To get to know YOU and your specific GOALS better; upon signing up for membership, you'll receive a complimentary 15-minute coaching call. This call is your chance to share ANYTHING with me, so that we can tailor your program to your unique needs. Let's kickstart your POSITIVE HABIT BUILDING journey together TODAY!


Unlock Even More:

🍽️ Delectable Whole-Food Plant-Based Recipes

👥 Exclusive Access to the supportive ELB Communities (Kajabi & FB Messenger)

🤝 Connect and Network with those Like-Minded Individuals (Plant-Based Newbies, Vegans, and Activists)

💌 Direct Message Me (Coach Michelle) Anytime for Your Questions!

Your membership is more than just a complete fitness package; it's a holistic wellness experience designed to uplift every aspect of your life!

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"Seeing results in my weight loss, flexibility and energy levels. Michelle offers a very disciplined, positive approach to fitness and keeps the routines interesting."


"Michelle has a very holistic approach to health and fitness. I have seen results. She listens... I am over 50 and my ass is now lifted higher than in my 20’s!"


"Michelle knows her stuff. She’s the whole package. Her knowledge is vast and includes both the physical body as well as nutrition, and mind."

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