Here are 8 reasons NOT to invest into my membership

I read this book lately that helped me understand a concept that I REALLY resonate with. I will be using this concept, from the book called “Originals” by Adam Grant, in this blog!  

I always struggled trying to sell my services because it feels unnatural. Reading about this concept made it a no brainer for me to want to apply it because you start by telling others WHY NOT to do something. When you utilize this type of framing, it helps people be open to innovative ideas without feeling defensive. I will be giving you all the possible objections of investing in my online service. I want to lay it out for you as directly as possible!  

Although, I do know how much my service could impact tons of people positively, and I know it by experience; I think it might serve us more, for me to give you all the reasons NOT to buy it, and let YOU make the BEST decision for yourself.  

Reason #1 

If you cannot make the LIVE WEEKLY SESSIONS

This is the most obvious reason not to buy into the ELB membership. If you cannot make it during the weekdays at noon EST, because that time is not optimal for you, then it is not going to be of the best value.  

The LIVE sessions are interactive, and you get recognition for being there and showing up for yourself. If you choose to put your camera on; I can even make some corrections for you, if needed. If you cannot make those sessions, nor the Sunday Mindful Communication class and stretch at 8PM EST; this is not the best opportunity for you but that is OKAY, because we do have more options that I will talk about below!  

If you are not available for the overall dedicated live slots, instead, your best bet is to purchase the RECORDED membership for a SMALL FEE that gives you access to all the recordings in a library portal with your name on it. Over 200+ workout/stretch/meditation sessions to choose from! 

Being self-motivated to be “on top” of executing the sessions is key with the RECORDED membership. Keep in mind that I can spy on you in the back office but no one else will know what you are up to! Compared to when you are in the ELB LIVE membership, you have a community of people that are expecting you to show up to class, which is motivating in itself! It gives you more accountability.  

BUT, if you CANNOT join the live sessions, CLICK HERE to access the recordings for less than 6$ per MONTH! And if I scare you into not being held accountable enough; you will have access to the EYE TALK THRU community and could talk about your problems or successes. Everyone has access, and I will always be there to advise you and help. Hopefully, other comrades too!  

This brings me to my next point. The SECOND reason for this membership potentially not being meant for you.

Reason #2 

If you do not have money to pay for the services 

This is a good reason! The full cost of membership is 199$/monthly but you get it half price (99$) if you are an animal rights activist.  

Are you wondering why I give this deal/promo to my activist warrior friends? Because I know how much FREE time and effort, they put into doing activism and selfless actions to help this World and all beings on it live in harmony and peace.  

BUT- IF YOU cannot afford any of the two options available, activist friend or not, because it is still priced “out of reach” to work with your budget; please CLICK HERE to enter the amount that you CAN afford. (Pay What You Want Program) 

I currently have it priced in a way that reflects my values, knowledge, and support from others, but if you cannot afford it; all the OTHER MEMBERS have helped pay for you already. So, please just enter the amount you can afford without adding more stress into your life. The ELB membership is meant to take AWAY stress in your overall life. To make you sweat out some toxins while you move functionally, release endorphins during sessions, stretch your body, open your mind with meditation and give you a safe space where you feel like you belong with awesome like-minded individuals that all want to live in a better World.  

So, if you CAN MAKE IT LIVE and WANT TO COMMIT- PLEASE put in the amount that you can afford- with a minimum of a 5$ investment. Link above. Let us go to reason number 3. 

Reason #3

If you have never even heard of me; Coach Michelle

I have been in the wellness and fitness industries for well over a decade now. My background is mixed martial arts. I founded my own business in 2016, and at the same time I studied and graduated with master honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Please follow THIS LINK to my website for more info. There are tons of materials on my website, and I have a whole ABOUT ME section.  

I also offer some FREE TRIAL sessions for those of you who are not sure and once you join, you have a 15-minute complimentary consultation call with me to stay on top of your specific goals! Because, of course, we are all unique individuals. What works for me and someone else will not necessarily work for you in the same way. 

If you need more before joining us, send me an email and we will get into a dialogue together. Even a “pre-consultation” meeting by zoom to reassure you.  

>>> [email protected] 

Reason #4 


I can see how injuries would prevent you from joining the program and I would hesitate too! I do always give tons of modifications during live sessions, but we can move fast. I always emphasize how important it is for you to listen to your body!  

In the recordings, you can pause the session and take more time to really feel and connect with your body when you have an unfortunate lingering injury. It gives you more time to tap into yourself.  

IF you want to participate live, please tell me what is going on with your body; what sort of limitations you have, and I will give you modifications. It is better that you communicate and message me ahead of time so we can have a talk about what to do that is best suited for YOU and both be prepared! 


Reason #5 

If you want to “talk thru” during a session 

You can chat during class in a chat box because you are muted, but it is not encouraged excessively either, because I want you to follow along with the session as best you can!  

So, you can throw a comment in there occasionally and/or respond to someone else and I WILL interact with your comment. But keep the real chatting until the end. I am open to sticking around as long as needed after class, to help support and meet your needs. You can unmute yourself and if it is super personal, I can even stop the recording. And remember, you have access to the Eye Talk Thru community where you can interact with other members and with myself as well. PS: I also offer 1 on 1 coaching programs that you can inquire about. 

Reason #6 

If you want to work out in a gym with people and/or already have a routine 

Truth be told, I have had previous members try and work out in a gym with their headphones on, but you cannot really see the image on your phone in a gym, your headphone cord keeps getting stuck in weird places... it is just not easy to make it work. It is hard not to get distracted and/or interrupted with people walking in front of you and/or rando’s trying to talk to you as you are trying to follow along with the class! It is not ideal. 

So, if you already have a routine and are consistent at the gym, I say KEEP GOING!! The ELB membership is an online program designed to execute from the comfort of your own home, or outdoors with basic equipment, or anywhere you want to make it work! Even if you do not have the basic equipment recommended (dumbbells, stability ball, yoga mat, strap, and block) I always give you other options and home materials to use, like towels for example.  

But AGAIN, if you already have a coach and/or mentor and it is working for you; DON’T GIVE UP! When we are ready to learn, our teachers always appear so if you already have yours- BE GRATEFUL- and maybe even send them a note of gratitude to remind them how much you appreciate them, helping you reach your goals. I can tell you that those messages of recognition are the best! Especially when you did not even ask for a testimonial!  

Reason #7 

If you are against working out online  

I often hear from friends or “in person” clients that they just cannot “do the online thing.” BUT- they have never even tried! When COVID happened; many of my “in person” clients ended up training with me online and they LOVED and still LOVE it! They tried it because they had no choice!  

Now, they have a choice, AND they choose to stay online because it is CONVENIENT. The idea of this online membership is to have a bunch of AWESOME people all working out together, stretching and meditating (elevating the frequency!) from the comfort of their own home OR wherever they want! I say just try it because you can also cancel whenever you want!  

I have been traveling a LOT like the nomad I am, and I simply plan my days around the sessions! I make sure I make it work to go LIVE at those times (12PM EST M W F and 8PM EST Sunday)  

If I can make it happen; to move, to improve my mindset, and to sweat, with the ELB crew; I know you can too if you want to!  

Reason #8 

If you are looking for a LOT of ACCOUNTABILITIES 

The accountability you find in the ELB community is priceless. BUT- if you do not care about me, Coach Michelle, nor anyone else in the community, you might not feel the accountability that is meant to be in place for you! If that is the case, I suggest you join WITH A TRAINING BUDDY or you find something else that will keep you more accountable. Keep in mind that if you decide to commit to the membership, to the group and to me, the Coach, you will really enjoy your experience. This is a new way of life; integrating movements, stretch and meditation weekly, on top of learning how to communicate mindfully on Sunday’s, and getting any and every tip you want! On top of the little lecture that I give at the end of class, inspired by the quote of the day, I also answer any questions that you have, as mentioned above. ANY! You also have access to the Eye Talk Thru community and can interact there to ensure you make it regularly to class. If you buy into the recorded version, the community is also available, and if you leave a comment every time you accomplish a session under in comments, I will gladly respond to acknowledge and encourage YOU!