Hello, I'm Michelle Labrosse and I'm so thrilled you're here!


My zone of genius is guiding humans through a mind/body/soul transformation to become the best versions of themselves and improve their overall quality of life through movement, holistic nutrition and mindset.


10 Fast Facts

1. WHERE I’M FROM... I was raised in Temiscaming, Quebec and now live in Oakville, Ontario with my three rescue cats.

2. WHAT’S MY EXPERIENCE & TRAINING… In 2015 I graduated with honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and have been leading a busy practice as a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist and Vegan Lifestyle Coach ever since. I love being of service to others and helping them achieve their unique greatness.

3. WHEN I’M NOT WORKING… I spend most of my spare time as a dedicated activist for all animals and am often seen educating others, as well as organizing peaceful protests.

4. MY TURNING POINT… In 2011 I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis (MS) -  a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord. This changed my life forever and for the better.

5. MY BACKSTORY… For the full story, watch the video below!

6. MINDFUL HABITS… I feel grateful to have acquired yoga and meditation techniques that keep me balanced and centered. Anything related to mindset fascinates me and I’ve completed multiple 10-day Vipassana meditation retreats.

7. HOW GOING VEGAN ROCKED MY WORLD… By implementing many positive lifestyle changes, including adopting a completely plant-based diet, I was able to stop the progression of my auto-immune disease and heal myself from the inside out.

8. THE THING NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW… I’m a Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) champ! In the past I’ve won multiple fights for organizations such as Fightquest in Montreal and currently hold undefeated titles. I might get back into competition one day. I do miss it.

9. WHERE MY TRAVELS HAVE TAKEN ME… I spent one month in Cuba to sharpen my boxing. Won two Muay Thai fights in Thailand after staying in a fight camp in the mountains of Phuket. I also taught English as a second language in Thailand. Won my second MMA competition in Australia, then went skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef and scuba dived around it. Volunteered in an animal rescue in Costa Rica. Explored the pyramids of Mexico. (Teotihuacan) Did my COOP in a Holistic Vegan Retreat focused on Business in Nicaragua. Met awesome like-minded people everywhere along the way, learned Spanish, found my true purpose while living my passions! 

10. HOW OTHERS DESCRIBE ME…  I’ve been referred to as passionate, intense and crazy. I fully embrace it all!

How I Got Here - The Full Interview


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