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Welcome to a Journey of Transformation with 

Michelle Labrosse!

I'm ecstatic that you've joined us on this path of self-discovery and growth. My expertise lies in guiding individuals through a holistic transformation, nurturing their mind, body, and soul to help them become the most vibrant and fulfilled versions of themselves. Together, we'll elevate your life through the power of movement, holistic nutrition, and a transformative mindset.

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10 Fast Facts

1. My Roots and Companions... born in Toronto and raised in the serene landscapes of Temiscaming, Quebec, for the past 7 years I called Oakville, Ontario home. This year in 2023, I moved to Costa Rica to share my life with my partner, and three remarkable rescue cats.

2. My Journey and Expertise… In 2015, I proudly graduated with honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, igniting my path as a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutritionist, and Vegan Lifestyle Coach. My passion lies in guiding individuals towards unlocking their unique greatness.

3. Beyond Work…When I'm not in my professional role, I transform into a dedicated animal activist, tirelessly educating others and orchestrating peaceful protests.

4. Turning Challenges into Triumphs… A pivotal moment in my life occurred in 2011 when I received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Little did I know, this would be the catalyst for a remarkable transformation.

5. Unveiling My Story… For a deeper dive into my journey, I invite you to watch the captivating video below.

6. Mindful Living… My journey led me to the treasures of yoga and meditation, practices that anchor me in balance and serenity. The realm of mindset captivates my soul, culminating in several transformative 10-day Vipassana meditation retreats.

7. The Vegan Revelation… The adoption of a plant-based diet, among other positive lifestyle changes, halted the progression of my autoimmune disease and facilitated profound healing from within.

8. Hidden Talents… Unbeknownst to many, I hold the title of Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) champion. Past victories in organizations like Fightquest in Montreal bear witness to my undefeated status. The arena may call me back one day—I still find myself missing the thrill.

9. Voyages of Discovery… My adventures have spanned the globe, from honing my boxing skills in Cuba to triumphing in Muay Thai fights in the heart of Thailand. Teaching English as a second language in this vibrant country enriched my journey. Australia witnessed my second MMA victory, followed by exhilarating skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef and mesmerizing scuba dives. I lent a hand to animal rescue in Costa Rica and explored the ancient pyramids of Mexico (Teotihuacan). My COOP experience in a Holistic Vegan Retreat with a business focus in Nicaragua opened new horizons. Along the way, I met kindred spirits, mastered Spanish, and discovered my true calling while living my passions. And NOW I live in Costa Rica <3

10. The Essence of Me… Others have described me as passionate, intense, and yes, a bit crazy. I wholeheartedly embrace it all!

Discover My Journey in Full: Dive into the depths of my story in the captivating Full Interview below.


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