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Test your knowledge and, if you're not already vegan, uncover your next steps towards embracing a 100% plant-based lifestyle!


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Are you prepared to fully embrace holistic fitness and elevate your body, mind, and spirit? Take the first step towards your transformation with our exclusive monthly membership!

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Sunday Serenity: Stretch, Yoga & Meditation

Join us for an invigorating 40-minute stretching session, followed by a transformative 28-minute Vipassana-Style meditation, elevating your energy, and culminating with a harmonious collective OM. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your well-being!

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Unlock 90+ Vegan Recipes

Embark on a culinary adventure with our one-month package, offering an abundance of delectable and nourishing whole food vegan recipes. Savor breakfast, snacks, and lunch & dinner ideas for an entire month of wholesome dining.

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ELB Membership Recording Access

Step into our treasure trove of functional workouts blended seamlessly with meditative practices, all meticulously categorized and explained for your convenience. Plus, Michelle is just a message away to guide you towards the perfect choice that suits your needs.

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Booty Bliss: Sculpt, Lift, and Empower

🗓️ Sundays at 10am EST

This class is unique, we have specialized exercises and targeted results for your BUTT, and we have a supportive women-only environment.

You will experience benefits like building strength which will help with alleviating or preventing lower back pain and achieving your BOOTY BUILDING goals while improving your posture and awareness. Limited spaces available for best coaching and results.

Elevate Your Mobility with Our Live Class!

🗓️ Wednesday at 6pm EST

I'm here to be your guide on this transformative journey, to assist you in reconnecting with your inner strength, and move like you've ever moved before! If you feel overwhelmed with your lack of mobility, this class is for you.

Let's take your overall mobility to an entirely new level! This class offers just a glimpse into our comprehensive 'Tackle Your Autoimmune' Program.